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The Multi-Prudence Jurisdiction Examination (MPJE) is a 120-question computer-based exam that uses adaptive testing response questions to test your knowledge on both federal and state pharmacy laws. For example, if you keep getting questions wrong then the computer will provide you questions that are statistically deemed “easier”. It’s important to note that of the 120-questions on this exam, only 100 are used to calculate your final score. The remaining 20 questions are pretest questions that won’t count into your MPJE score, but you won’t be able to tell which ones are pretest questions and which ones are not. The total testing time is two hours with NO breaks during the testing session so it’s important to take note of time.

The passing scaled score is 75 with the minimum score being zero and maximum 100. The exam is divided into three major sections:

  • Pharmacy Practice- 83%

  • Licensure, registration, certification, operational requirements- 15%

  • General Regulatory Processes- 2%

Some major points to remember:

  • All questions are answered in order so there’s no going back

  • Lots of situational questions

  • Online registration costs $250.00 per examination

    • $100 non-refundable application fee + $150 examination fee

  • Best to be prepared and bring two forms of unexpired IDs at Pearson Vue:

    • At least one picture ID with signature (i.e. Driver’s License) is needed

    • Other can be a credit card with signature

  • 120 questions, 100 count towards your score

  • MUST complete 107 questions for examination to be scored

  • If you do fail, you must wait 30 days to retake

  • Examination doesn’t distinguish between state and federal laws, but…

    • Answer each question based on what is the more restrictive law

  • Any misconduct or inkling of misconduct is grounds for failure

  • Arrive at least 30 minutes early

  • Ensure to read EVERY SINGLE WORD!

They will try to trick you so make sure to answer the question they ask, and lookout for unusual words as triggers. We recommend reviewing the site and reading over the NAPLEX/MPJE registration bulletin.

They provide a more specific overview of the exam, scheduling requirements, and a list of core competencies for you to understand. While you may use the core competencies as a guide to ensure your studies are complete, we do not recommend to spend too much time on the core competencies, but more on understanding the laws, as there are many situational type questions.


There are practice questions included in this review to help you prepare for the MPJE. Note that the practice questions in the Oregon specific section, like on the MPJE need to be answered as if you were working as a pharmacist in Oregon. That is, you will have to think about both state and federal law for all questions to determine what to do in the scenario.


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