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The bulk of the information you need for the Massachusetts MPJE will be contained in the 247 CMR. Many students have advised to only study or have only studied themselves 247 CMR and have gone on to pass. The other portions of Massachusetts pharmacy law not contained in 247 CMR generally offer better clarification on terms and concepts found in 247 CMR, but also discuss key aspects of Massachusetts pharmacy law that are not covered in 247 CMR.

Quick Facts:

  • Needed to practice pharmacy in the state of Massachusetts

  • Computer adaptive, 2 ½ hour exam

  • All test questions must be answered, unable to skip or return to previous questions

  • Passing scaled score is 75, from scale 0 to 100

  • 120 questions: 20 are pretest questions that will not affect your score

247 CMR Section 2: This section is a list of definitions of key words and acronyms that will help you understand the rest of 247 CMR and Massachusetts pharmacy law in general. It defines things such as ACPE-approved Provider, blood component, and even pharmacy.

Tip #1: As basic as these terms may seem, it is advisable to review this section and familiarizing yourself with how the Board of Registration of Pharmacy defines these terms instead of relying on your own general understanding.

247 CMR Section 3:

This section can be viewed as a checklist on what you need before you can even sit for the Massachusetts MPJE and goes over requirements needed before a person can be registered as a pharmacist.


  • Applicant must be:

    • 18 years or older by date of examination

    • Earned a pharmacy degree from an ACPE accredited or Board approved school

    • At least 1500 hours of practical experience as a pharmacy intern

      • 1000 of these hours had to be completed in a pharmacy

  • Application to sit for the MPJE:

    • Must be fully completed

    • Include recent passport-size picture of yourself

    • Have proof of place and date of birth, such as a birth certificate

    • Provide written notification to Board in case of name change

    • Payment: check or money order

  • Must pass both NAPLEX and MPJE to register as a pharmacist

  • Failure of either the NAPLEX or MPJE requires a new application

    • If an applicant fails either the NAPLEX or MPJE, they must reapply and take the exam they failed within one year of the date when the original exam was given so both scores can be considered together.

If an applicant has graduated from a non-approved school of pharmacy, the application requirements are the same except for three extra steps:

  1. The applicant must receive Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Examination Committee (FPGEC) Certification from NABP

  2. Submit an official copy of FPGEC Certification to the Board

  3. The Board receives official notification from NABP of applicant's FPGEC Certification

3.02: Registration ...

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