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  • This is a 123-question exam that mimics the Federal pharmacy portion of the MPJE exam. We have focused on more questions from federal law as recent graduates have stated the exam focuses heavily on this portion.

  • Use these questions as a supplement to test your learning, then go back to review questions missed. There will be material covered in the questions not covered in the text above, so use the questions as a supplement for further learning.

  • Ensure to time yourself at 1 hour and 45 minutes and complete the questions in one sitting.

  • Answers can be reviewed after the federal pharmacy law exam section.

  • If you do not get above a 75% score, it's prudent to review the laws discussed in the previous chapters.



1. Within what period of time of two documented attempts of detoxification does an 18-year-old become eligible for narcotic maintenance treatment?

A. 1 month

B. 3 months

C. 6 months

D. 12 months

E. 18 months

2. Which act or amendment granted the FDA the authority to inspect factories?

A. Pure Food and Drug Act

B. Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act

C. Durham-Humphrey Act

D. Food, Drug and Insecticide Administration


3. Which of the following acts or amendments was the first to regulate the transportation of adulterated or misbranded drugs in interstate commerce?

A. Pure Food and Drug Act

B. Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act

C. Food, Drug and Insecticide Administration

D. Drug Abuse Control

E. Drug Importation Act

4. Which of the following must be ordered using a DEA Form 222?

  1. Secobarbital Suppository

  2. Pentobarbital Injection

  3. Amobarbital Capsule

A. I only

B. III only

C. I & II only

D. II & III only

E. I, II, & III

5. Which of the following items must be ordered from a wholesaler on DEA ...

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