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Total of 9 members

  • 7 licensed pharmacists

  • 2 non-pharmacist public members


  • Pharmacist members must be licensed and in good standing, a graduate of an accredited college of pharmacy or hold a BS in Pharmacy, with at least 5 years of post-licensure experience in the state of Illinois.

  • Non-pharmacist public members are voting members and are not licensed pharmacists in Illinois or any other state.


The Board members are appointed by the Governor to 5-year term. If the terms of all members started on March 31, 1999, they would expire on March 31, 2004.

Members of the pharmacy profession and pharmacy organizations may make recommendations to the Governor with no restrictions as to what type or setting of pharmacy practice.

Partial terms over 3 years in length are considered full terms. A member may be reappointed but cannot serve more than 2 full terms in his or her lifetime or 12 consecutive years. The Governor may remove any Board member for the following:

  • Misconduct.

  • Incapacity; or

  • Neglect of duty

  • ✓ The Governor is the sole judge for the removal of Board members.

  • ✓ The Board holds quarterly meetings.

  • ✓ Five members or the majority of the Board members constitute a quorum.


The Department is the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (DFPR). The Secretary of DFPR appoints the following:

  • A chief pharmacy coordinator; and

  • At least 2 deputy pharmacy coordinators.

    • At least one deputy pharmacy coordinator is assigned to a region composed of Cook County and other counties with their primary office in Chicago.

    • At least one deputy coordinator is assigned to a region composed of balance of counties in IL with their primary office in Springfield.

All of these appointees must be registered pharmacists in good standing in Illinois with at least 5 years' experience in the practice of pharmacy.

The chief pharmacy coordinator is the executive administrator and chief enforcement officer of this Act. The deputy pharmacy coordinators report to the chief pharmacy coordinator. The Secretary employs at least 4 pharmacy investigators who would report to the pharmacy coordinator or a deputy pharmacy coordinator. The Department employs at least one attorney to prosecute violations of this Act and its rules.

(225 ILCS 85/10: Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2020)

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