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It is unlawful for the owner of any pharmacy to operate unless the following occurs:

  • It has a licensed pharmacist on duty.

  • Security provisions of all drugs and devices are provided during the absence of all licensed pharmacists from the licensed pharmacy; and

  • The pharmacy is licensed to conduct the practice of pharmacy. If a facility, company, or organization operates multiple pharmacies from multiple physical addresses, a separate pharmacy license is required for each different physical address.

The Department may allow a pharmacy that is not located at the same location as its home pharmacy, where the pharmacy services are provided during an emergency situation, to be operated as an emergency remote pharmacy. Pharmacists may dispense a non-controlled substance emergency supply that cannot exceed a 30-day supply.

The Secretary may waive the requirement of a pharmacist to be on duty at all times for State facilities that do not treat human diseases.

The following should be conspicuously displayed in the pharmacy where the individuals engage in the practice of pharmacy:

  • The holder of any license or certificate of registration.

  • The name of the PIC.

  • The pharmacy license.

(225 ILCS 85/15: Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2020)



Any person who wants to establish, relocate or change the ownership of a pharmacy must file an application supplied by the Division along with the required fee, and specify the types of pharmacy services to be provided.

The purchaser of the pharmacy may operate the pharmacy before the issuance of a new pharmacy license only when the purchase and seller have a written power of attorney agreement. Within 30 days after the issuance of a pharmacy license, the pharmacy shall be open to the public. Any reduction in hours of operation must be reported to the Division within 30 days. The pharmacy cannot relocate unless it has been inspected by the Department. All drugs must be transferred within 24 hours after issuance of the license.

(68 IL ADC Section 1330.400)

When a management company is hired to run a pharmacy, that management company must be the license holder for both the pharmacy and the IL Controlled Substances license, unless the pharmacy and management company cosigns an agreement that assigns responsibility for controlled substance to the pharmacy.

(68 IL ADC Section 1330.410)


A new pharmacy application must be filed whenever:

  1. 10% or more of the ownership of the business is sold or transferred to a person or entity; or

  2. More than half the board of directors or executive officers of a business issued a pharmacy license ...

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