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Every license (i.e. pharmacy and pharmacist licenses) issued expires on March 31 of each even-numbered year, except the certificate of registration as a pharmacy technician that expires annually on March 31. The holder of the license or certificate of registration can pay the renewal fee 60 days before the expiration date.

The registrant is responsible to notify the Division of any change of address, because failure to receive a renewal form is not considered as an excuse for failure to pay the renewal fee. If the person practices on an expired license or certificate, he or she has committed unlicensed practice and is subject to discipline. (68 IL ADC Section 1330.80)


A pharmacist or pharmacy technician can be excused from payment of renewal fees and completion of CE requirements, if he or she notifies the Department in writing to place his or her license on an inactive status. However, to restore their license, they must notify the Department in writing and pay required renewal fees.

(225 ILCS 85/13: Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2020)


To restore a certificate of registration that has:

  1. Expired for 5 years or less, a pharmacist must (1) pay all lapsed renewal fess and (2) proof of 30 hours of CE.

  2. Been placed on inactive status for 5 years or less, a pharmacist must (1) pay current renewal fee and (2) provide proof of 30 hours of CE.

  3. Been placed on inactive status for > 5 years, a pharmacist must (1) file an application to the Division, (2) pay the fee and (3) provide proof of 30 hours of CE.

    • In addition, the pharmacist must submit either (1) certification of active practice in another state or (2) evidence of military service.

    • If a pharmacist is not able to submit the above proof, he or she must submit a completion of course work or clinical training approved by the Board:

      1. 30 hours of CE; and

      2. Either

        1. 600 hours of clinical practice under the supervision of a pharmacist completed within 2 years; or

        2. Successful completion of the Pharmacist Assessment for Remediation Evaluation (PARE) exam with an overall score of 80 or higher, and a minimum score of 75 in each of the 3 areas on the PARE exam.

  4. The document for restoration is insufficiently provided; the Division will require the registrant to clarify by (1) providing information as necessary and (2) appearing for an interview before the Board.

(68 IL ADC Section 1330.90)


The following fees are not refundable: (See table 1)

Table 1Fees. §License restoration includes the fee for a pharmacist to restore a license from inactive status and should NOT be ...

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