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  • Non-controlled substance prescriptions expire 1 year from the date it was originally issued, regardless of the number of refills remaining or as needed (PRN) refill.

  • Whenever a pharmacy intends on changing or adding to the type of pharmacy services it offers, it must notify the Division at least 30 days prior to the change or addition.


Pharmacies engage in general or specialty community pharmacy practice, and offer pharmacy service to the general public must comply with the following:

(A community pharmacy that, in addition to offering pharmacy services to the general public, provides institutional services shall also comply with Section 1330.520)


There are no minimum requirements for hours of operation for a community pharmacy.

  1. A sign must be conspicuously displayed of (1) the pharmacy's schedule of services whenever the hours of the pharmacy are different from those of the establishment where the pharmacy is located, and (2) message regarding the unavailability of a pharmacist to provide pharmacy services when the pharmacy is open.

  2. No prescription can be dispensed when a pharmacist is not physically present and on duty.


  1. For every prescription dispensed, the prescription record must contain the (1) name, (2) initials or (3) other unique identifier of the pharmacist who dispenses the prescription drugs. If the pharmacy technician dispenses the prescription, then the name, initial or the unique identifier of both the pharmacist and the pharmacy technician must be included on the prescription record.

Note: For the controlled substance prescriptions, at the time of filling, initials or unique identifier are not sufficient, the pharmacist must sign and date on the face of the prescription.

  • B. A written prescription copy, or prescription label is for information purposes only and cannot be used as a valid prescription order. The pharmacist must contact the prescriber to obtain a new prescription order. A prescription copy must be marked "For Information Purposes Only" when it's given to a costumer.

  • C. When refilling a prescription, the prescription must be maintained and readily retrievable. Each refill must indicate the number of the prescription and entered on a prescription, or other uniformly maintained form of record the information as listed under "Refill Prescription" in table 1.

    • If the pharmacist does not indicate in a uniformly maintained record, he or she is considered to have dispensed a refill for the full-face amount of the prescription.

    • All refill data must be maintained in the pharmacy store for 5 years. If requested by the Division upon on-site inspection, a hard copy printout must be provided within 48 hours.

Tip to know:

  • If a refill prescription is partially filled, it's NOT considered as full refills.

  • A pharmacist is allowed ...

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