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The pharmacy must be walled off, locked or secured with electronic equipment to prevent any access from a non-licensed person (i.e. employees and public) when a registrant is not present in the pharmacy.

Note: A pharmacy technician is a licensed personnel, therefore, he or she is allowed to be in the pharmacy even though the pharmacist is not present.

(68 IL ADC Section1330.600)


All pharmacies must comply with the following provisions:

  1. Notification must be submitted to the Division that the pharmacy will be remodeled.

  2. Other than on-site institutional pharmacies, all dispensing and drug storage areas of the pharmacy must be next to each other.

  3. The pharmacy and all storerooms must have enough light and be properly ventilated.

  4. Refrigerators are used exclusively for storage of prescription drugs. Proper storage of drugs based on their storage temperature.

  5. The pharmacy area is not used for storage of merchandise that interferes with the practice of pharmacy.

  6. Suitable current reference sources, either in book or electronic data form (available in the pharmacy or on-line), which must include Facts and Comparisons ( or other suitable references determined by the Division to be pertinent to the practice carried on in the licensed pharmacy.

  7. A telephone must be accessible in the pharmacy area.

  8. These requirements are in addition to any other requirements found in this Part.

  9. At a minimum, the equipment and references listed in Section 1330.640 must be maintained at all dispensing pharmacies.

(68 IL ADC Section1330.610)


All remote pharmacies operating in IL share services with home pharmacies. The new regulations require the following:

  1. The pharmacy must have a computer, scanner, fax capability and printer.

  2. All prescriptions have to be scanned and sequentially numbered, and the prescription labels must be produced on site and viewed at the home pharmacy.

  3. Scanned prescriptions must be viewable on at computers from both the remote pharmacy and home pharmacy.

  4. All patient demographic and prescription information must be viewable at both the remote and home pharmacy in real time.

  5. Prescriptions dispensed at the remote pharmacy site must be distinguishable from those dispensed at the home pharmacy.

  6. If electronic data processing equipment is used, the original prescription must be kept on file to allow access to the prescription when a computer malfunctions.

(68 IL ADC Section1330.620)


All pharmacies and equipment in the pharmacy must be kept in clean and good condition.

(68 IL ADC Section1330.630)


The minimum standards and technical equipment considered adequate for compounding drugs must include the following:

  1. A storage area to separate for materials used in compounding.

  2. Scales for the compounding done in ...

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