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We suggest to take a look at the California State Board of Pharmacy California Practice Standards and Jurisprudence Examination (CPJE) for Pharmacists candidate handbook. It's updated every year and a simple google search with keywords, "CPJE PSI", or "CPJE candidate handbook" should pull up the most recent candidate information bulletin. Psychology Services Incorporated (PSI) is the administration contractor that handles scheduling and registration of the CPJE examination. The NAPLEX is administered by Pearson Vue.

I. You must meet the Registered Pharmacist requirements of the California Board of Pharmacy

The website and application are the following:

II. You will need to pass two exams successfully

  1. North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam (NAPLEX)

    1. NAPLEX application fee: $575

  2. CPJE

    1. California Pharmacist Licensure Application Fee: $260

    2. Live Scan Processing Fee: Department of Justice (~$32), FBI Fee (~$19) plus fingerprint scanning service fee that varies by location ($5-$25)

      1. Quick Tip: Go to your local police station and it may be cheaper to obtain the required fingerprints there

    3. Self-Query Report Fee to NPDB-HIPDB (~$16)

    4. California Pharmacist Jurisprudence Exam (CPJE) fee (~$33)

    5. California Pharmacist Licensure Fee (~$195)

So you are looking at around $575 to spend for the California licensing process and another $575 for the NAPLEX, that's almost $1,150! We recommend to ask your employer to help pay for these licensing fees (i.e., if you signed a contract with Walgreens or CVS already).

Make sure that your name of record with the CA Board of Pharmacy matches exactly on your forms of ID such as a driver license or birth certificate. If the names don't match up, you will not be allowed to sit for your exam. You need to present two forms of ID, and one of the IDs must have a photo on it. If you show up to the exam center without identically matched ID cards, they will not allow you to sit for the exam and you'll need to pay the $33 again to reschedule.

The types of ID that are accepted to sit for the CPJE exam are the following:

  • US State, Commonwealth, or Territory issued driver's license or ID card

  • US Govt. issued passport

  • US social security card (cannot be laminated)

  • US military-issued ID

  • National identity card

III. Overall Steps to Being Licensed in California

  1. Submit and Pay Required Application Fees

    1. Apply and pay online for the NAPLEX exam at:

    2. Submit your CA Pharmacist Licensure and Examination (CPJE) application

      1. Ensure to make copies of everything in case it gets lost

      2. Have your school send transcripts directly to the CA Board of Pharmacy

  2. Obtain Your Confirmation of Eligibility

    1. After the CA Board of Pharmacy receives your complete application and verifies graduation from an accredited pharmacy ...

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