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Drug stability means the ability of a drug to maintain its physical, chemical, therapeutic and microbial properties during the time of storage and usage by the patient1,2,3. There are different factors that affect drug stability, including temperature, moisture, the amount of light exposure, and the concentration of the drug itself.


Higher temperatures accelerate chemical reactions (i.e. oxidation, reduction, and hydrolysis) that can lead to drug degradation. Therefore, most compounded IV medications are refrigerated to keep them last longer. However, some drugs do not require refrigeration. See table 1 below for some of the medications that do not require to be refrigerated (most are IV drugs unless indicated otherwise).

Table 1Medications That Do Not Require Refrigeration

Table 2 below lists some of the medications that should be kept in the refrigerator and some that should be kept in the freezer.

Table 2Refrigerator Vs. Freezer Medications

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