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We are delighted to offer the second edition of our popular book under the highly accessible McGraw-Hill Pharmacy Educational Series. The first edition, released in 2015, was well-received by pharmacy students, residents, fellows, and faculty. The very positive feedback from the academy, especially from fellow educators, and increased emphasis on evidence-based pharmaceutical care, motivated us to update our book. The second edition includes:

  1. Revised and updated chapters to reflect changing research and practice paradigms;

  2. A new chapter (Chapter 20) on the application and evaluation of qualitative research;

  3. Updated examples in the chapters with new clinical research studies; and

  4. Revision of certain content based on feedback from instructors.

  5. Revised online and journal resources.

  6. Student learning resources at McGraw-Hill AccessPharmacy

The structure of the book in the form of three sections has remained the same for ease of use: Section 1: Principles of Clinical Research; Section 2: Statistical Principles and Data Analysis; and Section 3: Principles of Drug Literature Evaluation. We sincerely hope that the new edition will provide students and faculty with strong foundational principles of clinical research and drug literature evaluation techniques to provide evidence-based pharmaceutical care. We believe that all knowledge is considered as work in progress, like the contents of this book. Therefore, we are open to any feedback from students and faculty for future editions.

—July 2019

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