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  • This is an 110-question exam that mimics the Florida pharmacy portion of the MPJE exam.

  • Use these questions as a supplement to test your self-study learning and go back to review questions missed. There will be material covered in the questions not covered in the text above so use the questions as a supplement for further learning.

  • Ensure to time yourself at 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the questions in one sitting.

  • Answers can be reviewed in the back page.

  • If you do not get above a 75% score, it’s prudent to review the laws discussed in the previous chapters and review the Florida Statutes online for a deeper review.


1. ABC pharmacy fills a prescription for Sally Jones on September 12, 2018. Sally was on vacation and was unable to come pick up the medication. She requested that the pharmacy put the medication back into their inventory and she would call to get the medication filled when she gets back from her trip. The manufacturer’s expiration date is July 30, 2020. What is the expiration date for the medication that has been returned to stock?

A. March 12, 2019

B. June 12, 2019

C. September 12, 2019

D. July 30, 2020

E. None of the above

2. It is a Saturday and Rachel is the only pharmacist on duty along with Brian who is the only pharmacy technician on duty. Rachel gets hungry and wants to take a 30-minute meal break outside the pharmacy. They just received a prescription from a patient for Zolpidem that was written by Dr. Reed. What is Brian able to do in the pharmacy while Rachel is on break?

A. Restock the automated system used to count out the Zolpidem

B. Count out the Zolpidem manually to fill the prescription

C. Call Dr. Reed to clarify the strength of the Zolpidem

D. Request the DEA number from Dr. Reed

E. None of the above

3. Which is true about the administration of vaccines in pharmacies (select all that apply)?

A. Pharmacists administering vaccines must be CPR-trained

B. Interns may administer vaccines under the direct & immediate supervision of pharmacists

C. Vaccinating pharmacists must maintain at least $1 million in professional liability insurance


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