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Automated Pharmacy Systems can be used for what type of prescriptions?

A. C-II prescriptions

B. Schedule VI prescriptions

C. Schedule V-VI prescriptions

D. Schedule VI refill prescriptions

E. Schedule VI refill prescriptions that do not require a consultation

E. Schedule VI refill prescriptions that do not require a consultation



Automated Pharmacy System: A mechanical system located in wall or within 20 feet of pharmacy that helps store information relating to storage and dispensing of refill C-VI prescriptions.

Properly labeled and verified Schedule VI refill prescriptions that do not require a consultation by law can be stored and dispensed via an automated pharmacy system. In order for this system to be used, the pharmacy must initially notify the Board and Department in writing of its use and provide basic information such as the name/address of the pharmacy, manufacturer name and model of the machine and a description of how the system will be used. The patient also has the right to decide whether or not they want to use the system.

Records must be maintained onsite for at least 2 years.

The Board requires the system is secure enough to prevent its unauthorized removal. In addition, the pharmacy must have protective measures in place to make sure the system is only releasing the correct patient's prescription and to ensure that unauthorized access is guided against in ways such as electronic password usage. To increase the security of the system, only the pharmacist-in-charge can 1) assign, discontinue, or change access to the system 2) guarantee access to the system to authorized personnel and 3) guarantee that automated pharmacy is always adequately stocked.

The Board also has specific requirements in terms of stocking and returning prescription medications into the automated pharmacy system:

  • This task can only be done by a pharmacist or a certified pharmacy technician.

  • Reconstituted or refrigerated medications cannot be included into the automated system.

  • The system has to use two different methods to verify the prescriptions such as barcode, weight, or electronic verification.

When transferring a Schedule VI prescription, the transferor pharmacist must maintain the original prescription and the transfer log for how long?

A. 1 year

B. 2 years

C. 3 years

D. 4 years

E. 5 ...

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