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What are the ingredients in Symbicort?

A. Salmeterol + fluticasone

B. Formoterol + mometasone

C. Vilanterol + fluticasone

D. Formoterol + budesonide

E. Salmeterol + budesonide

D. Formoterol + budesonide

Do know the name, brand name and generic name, and the components of the combination therapy for asthma

Karen is experiencing uncontrolled asthma. Which of the following would be the best recommendation for her?

A. Take Ventolin everyday

B. Take Singulair 10 mg PO BID

C. Add Serevent Diskus 1 inhalation BID

D. Seek medical advice from her doctor

E. Do not exercise when she is experiencing uncontrolled asthma

C. Add Serevent Diskus 1 inhalation BID

Which of the following side effects is most likely to occur when using Zafirlukast? (Select ALL that apply.)

A. Stomach upset

B. Dizziness

C. Headache

D. Sinusitis

E. Palpitation

C. Headache

Headache can occur in adults by 12.9% when using Zafirlukast. Other precautions when using this medication include neuropsychiatric events, including depression and insomnia.

Which of the following are side effects that result in limited use of Zyflo in patients who are 65 years of age and children who are less than 12 years of age?

A. Neuropsychiatric events

B. Palpitation

C. Change in mood

D. Depression

E. Increased LFTs


E. Increased LFTs

Increasing in LFT can occur in zileuton, therefore, there's a limited use particularly in females > 65 years and children < 12 years. This makes it a less preferred option.

Mandy is a 24-year-old college student who got admitted into the hospital due to her chest pain, cough, and shortness of breath. Her chest x-ray shows an infiltrate on her right lung. She has been previously healthy with no prior antibiotic use in the past 3 months. Which of the following is the most ...

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