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A pharmacist receives a prescription for Ambien 5 mg tablet, #30 with 5 refills. Which of the following statements is CORRECT?

A. Ambien at that dosage should be given B.I.D.

B. This prescription is invalid

C. Ambien may be substituted by eszopiclone if Ambien is not in stock

D. The prescription may be filled as written

E. The prescription may be filled with Ambien CR if Ambien IR is not available

B. This prescription is invalid

Ambien® (zolpidem) is a C-IV controlled substance. No prescription for a C-III or IV drug may have more than 5 refills and exceed 120-day supply when all refills of that prescription taken together. This prescription has 5 refills but its day supply exceeds 120 days (30 tablets x 5 refills). Eszopiclone is the generic version of Lunesta® not Ambien® and therefore cannot substitute Ambien®. The substitution of Ambien IR with Ambien CR is not permitted.

A pharmacist receives a written prescription from a known physician for Midrin® on a non-security prescription form. Assuming that the prescription blank has everything needed for dispensing, the pharmacist's best course of action is to:

A. Discard the prescription

B. Rewrite the prescription on a security prescription form and fill the prescription

C. Fill the prescription

D. Refuse to fill the prescription

E. Return the prescription to the physician for a new prescription

D. Refuse to fill the prescription

Midrin® (Dichloralphenazone/acetaminophen/isometheptene) is a C-IV controlled substance. Prescriptions for C-II through C-V should be written on security prescription form for controlled substances, except for prescriptions for terminally ill patients and oral prescriptions for Schedule III-V, which have to be reduced in hard copy form. Because this prescription is not written a security prescription form, and there's no indication of any of the above exceptional circumstances, the pharmacist should refuse to dispense this prescription. The alternative of refusing to dispense is to treat the prescription as if it's an oral prescription. The pharmacist must transform the writing into an oral prescription by contacting the authorized prescriber, orally verifying and recording all the information required for a valid prescription.

A pharmacy technician prepared lactulose 10 g/15 mL with normal saline. The pharmacist checks this compounded drug product to ensure what information should be included in the records?

  1. Compounded drug's lot number assigned by the pharmacy


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