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The goal of Infectious Diseases: A Case Study Approach is to provide healthcare students with a valuable infectious diseases pharmacotherapy resource. With the growing need of antimicrobial stewardship programs, healthcare professionals competent in infectious diseases pharmacotherapy are necessary.

This casebook is designed to teach infectious diseases through patient cases that closely resemble situations healthcare professionals will likely face during their clinical practice. Infectious diseases–related topics covered in this book range from bacterial infections, to sexually transmitted diseases, to antimicrobial dosing recommendations. Topics were selected based on the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education’s Coding Systems for Colleges of Pharmacy and the 2016 American College of Clinical Pharmacy’s Pharmacotherapy Didactic Curriculum Toolkit. Authors of this casebook chapters are comprised of infectious diseases pharmacist faculty from Colleges of pharmacy across the United States. All these individuals have vast experiences and training in infectious diseases and are widely recognized as experts in their field.

I hope that you will find this casebook useful during your studies!

Jonathan C. Cho, PharmD, MBA, BCIDP, BCPS

The University of Texas at Tyler

Tyler, Texas

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