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Tier 1 (Brand/Generic and Classifications)

Which of the following is not classified as an antihyperlipidemic?

a. Niacin

b. Tricor

c. Plavix

d. Lopid

While rounding with a physician, he states that he would like to begin a beta blocker on a patient that has recently suffered an MI (myocardial infarction). Which of the following would be the most appropriate to recommend for this patient?

a. Calan

b. Tenormin

c. Zestril

d. Diovan

Which of the following is the classification of fenofibrate?

a. HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor

b. Antihypertensive beta blocker

c. Antihyperlipidemic

d. Blood modifier

Which of the following antihypertensives is not classified as an angiotension II receptor blocker (ARB)?

a. Altace

b. Benicar

c. Avapro

d. Cozaar

For a class project, you were asked to classify various medications. Which of the following classifications would best describe chlorthalidone?

a. Calcium channel blocker

b. Thiazide diuretic

c. Beta blocker

d. Loop diuretic

Blood pressure medications are often available as combination products, as many patients require multiple medications to adequately control their blood pressure. Which of the following medications is a combination of two diuretics?

a. Lotensin

b. Zebeta

c. Plendil

d. Maxzide

Which of the following is the appropriate classification of dipyridamole?

a. Antihypertensive

b. Diuretic

c. Platelet inhibitor

d. Antianginal agent

Some diuretics exhibit their properties by working in the loop of Henle and are referred to as loop diuretics. Which of the following is ...

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