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Tier 1 (Brand/Generic and Classifications)

Your pharmacist preceptor asks you to pull the generic of Amaryl off the shelf at the pharmacy. Which medication bottle would you provide the pharmacist?

a. Alendronate

b. Medroxyprogesterone

c. Linagliptin

d. Glimepiride

A patient presents to your pharmacy with a prescription for Glucophage. As generic substitution is required when a generic equivalent is available, which of the following medications would be provided to the patient?

a. Canagliflozin

b. Metformin

c. Glimepiride

d. Liraglutide

What is the classification of Actos?

a. Sulfonylurea

b. Biguanide

c. Thiazolidinedione

d. SGLT2-inhibitor

What is the generic of Victoza?

a. Liraglutide

b. Canagliflozin

c. Tamoxifen

d. Saxagliptin

What is the generic of Glucotrol?

a. Dapagliflozin

b. Glipizide

c. Pioglitazone

d. Dulaglutide

A patient comes to your pharmacy after visiting her OB/GYN for a prescription to help with fertility issues. Which of the following medications is a progestin hormone that may have been prescribed?

a. Prometrium

b. Estrace

c. Cyanocobalamin

d. Ethinyl estradiol/etonogestrel

You are completing a module on diabetes during your review session. The professor asks for an example of a dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitor. Which of the following medications belongs to this class?

a. Saxagliptin

b. Rosiglitazone

c. Exenatide

d. Glimepiride

Which of the following medications is an example of a GLP-1 receptor agonist?

a. Decadron

b. Depo-Provera


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