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Tier 1 (Brand/Generic and Classifications)

A patient comes to your pharmacy counter and asks for famotidine. Your over-the-counter (OTC) aisles are organized by drug classification. How is famotidine classified to help this patient locate the medication?

a. Proton pump inhibitor

b. H2-receptor antagonist

c. Laxative

d. Antiemetic

What is the brand name of rabeprazole?

a. Aciphex

b. Nexium

c. Reglan

d. Carafate

Which of the following is the generic name of Zantac?

a. Promethazine

b. Metoclopramide

c. Ranitidine

d. Famotidine

Patients with severe gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) often require a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) to control their symptoms. Which of the following is classified as a PPI?

a. Reglan

b. Zantac

c. Amitiza

d. Nexium

As a pharmacy intern, your preceptor often asks you questions when you are working at the pharmacy. Today, he asks you about the classification of Ditropan. How is this medication classified?

a. Urinary antispasmodic

b. Laxative

c. Antidiarrrheal

d. Dopamine antagonist

You are filling a prescription for Reglan for a patient. Medications at your pharmacy are located on the shelves by the generic name. Under which generic name would you look to locate Reglan?

a. Darifenacin

b. Lubiprostone

c. Rabeprazole

d. Metoclopramide

Which of the following medications is not classified as a PPI?

a. Lomotil

b. Aciphex

c. Nexium

d. Prevacid

Based on generic name, which of the following medications is most closely related to Nexium?


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