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Tier 1 (Brand/Generic and Classifications)

Which of the following drugs is NOT classified as an antipsychotic?

a. Quetiapine

b. Vilazodone

c. Risperidone

d. Aripiprazole

Which of the following medications is most closely related to Lexapro based on generic name and classification?

a. Zyprexa

b. Aricept

c. Celexa

d. Pamelor

What is the classification of olanzapine?

a. Antidepressant

b. Antipsychotic

c. Antiepileptic

d. Hypnotic

What is the classification of Lamictal?

a. Antipsychotic

b. ADHD agent

c. Anticonvulsant

d. Antidepressant

Which of the following brand/generic pairings is INCORRECT?

a. Sertraline/Paxil

b. Trazodone/Desyrel

c. Venlafaxine/Effexor

d. Mirtazapine/Remeron

Which of the following medications is NOT classified as an antidepressant?

a. Fluoxetine

b. Escitalopram

c. Benztropine

d. Amitriptyline

A patient presents to the pharmacy with a prescription for Seroquel. Your pharmacy is organized alphabetically by generic name. Under which of the following generic names would you locate this prescription?

a. Atomoxetine

b. Quetiapine

c. Lurasidone

d. Eszopiclone

What is the classification of aripiprazole?

a. Antianxiety/antipruritic

b. Antiparkinson agent

c. ADHD agent

d. Antipsychotic

What is the brand name of gabapentin?

a. Lyrica

b. Neurontin


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