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Tier 1 (Brand/Generic and Classifications)

Fentanyl is available as a transdermal patch. What is the brand name of this medication?

a. Oxycontin

b. Voltaren

c. Duragesic

d. Norco

A patient comes to your pharmacy with a new prescription to help “relax his muscles” after a sports injury. Which of the following medications is a skeletal muscle relaxant that may have been prescribed?

a. Soma

b. Indocin

c. Naproxen

d. Relafen

Which of the following medications is not an opioid analgesic?

a. Morphine sulfate

b. Oxycodone

c. Diclofenac

d. Hydrocodone

Which of the following is not a skeletal muscle relaxant?

a. Soma

b. Flexeril

c. Motrin

d. Zanaflex

Which of the following is not classified as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)?

a. Ibuprofen

b. Diclofenac

c. Tramadol

d. Naproxen

Relafen is classified as which of the following?

a. Opioid analgesic

b. Antimigrainous agent


d. Corticosteroid, topical

Which of the following pairs of medications are not classified in the same drug category?

a. Hydrocodone and fentanyl

b. Meloxicam and naproxen

c. Celecoxib and buprenorphine

d. Tramadol and methadone

A patient comes to your pharmacy after being discharged from the hospital following a MVA. The doctor has prescribed a hydrocodone and acetaminophen combination medication for severe pain relief. Which brand name medication might have been prescribed?

a. Vicodin

b. Suboxone


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