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Section 3: Special Populations

Newborn infants born prior to which of the following gestational ages are considered premature infants?

A. 37 weeks

B. 39 weeks

C. 40 weeks

D. 42 weeks

The answer is A.

Kernicterus associated with sulfonamide in infants develops because of:

A. Displacement of albumin by bilirubin

B. Displacement of bilirubin from albumin by a sulfonamide

C. Decreased metabolism of bilirubin

D. Increased concentration of albumin

The answer is B.

Compared with other patients, premature infants may have:

A. Increased absorption of oral doses of weak acids such as phenobarbital

B. Decreased absorption of intramuscular doses of all drugs

C. Increased percutaneous absorption of drugs

D. Consistently lower absorption from rectally administered drugs than with orally administered drugs

The answer is C.

Based on extracellular fluid (ECF) volume, which of the following populations is expected to have the largest apparent volume of distribution per kilogram of body weight for a drug largely distributed in ECF?

A. Premature infants

B. Children

C. Adolescents

D. Adults

The answer is A.

Premature infants need higher plasma concentrations of morphine for pain control than older patients because they have:

A. Decreased metabolism to the more active metabolite

B. Lower sensitivity to pain

C. Increased urinary excretion of morphine

D. Decreased absorption of morphine

The answer is A.

Which of the following age groups generally requires the highest daily dose of theophylline per kilogram of body weight?

A. 1-month-old infant

B. 6-month-old infant

C. 5-year-old child

D. 15-year-old adolescent

The answer is ...

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