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Section 16: Dermatologic Disorders

What is the most accurate statement regarding the epidemiology of acne vulgaris:

A. Males present with an earlier onset in puberty

B. Females present with more severe signs and symptoms in puberty

C. Males have more severe symptoms in adulthood

D. There are no gender differences in acne prevalence

The answer is D. See section “Epidemiology” of this chapter.

What is the most accurate statement regarding the etiology of acne vulgaris?

A. Acne is generally worse in the summer due to aggravation by ultraviolet light

B. Aggravation of acne through stress is a myth

C. Dietary influences may affect the expression of acne

D. Acne is not more serious if there is an hereditary link

The answer is C. See subsection “Dietary Influences” of this chapter.

Select the most important of four pathophysiologic mechanisms underlying acne vulgaris:

A. Increased follicular keratinization forming a microcomedone

B. Increased production of sebum

C. Bacterial lipolysis of sebum triglycerides to free fatty acids

D. Inflammation

The answer is A. See section “Pathophysiology” of this chapter.

What is the most accurate statement regarding the clinical presentation of acne vulgaris?

A. The open comedone is the first clinically visible lesion of acne

B. A pustule is usually greater than 5 mm in diameter

C. Nodules usually resolve within a few days without scarring

D. The open comedone is very stable and may persist for a long time

The answer is D. See box “Clinical Presentation” in this chapter.

Which of the following factors is the least important factor in the differential diagnosis of acne vulgaris?

A. Betamethasone therapy

B. Lithium therapy

C. Polycystic ovary syndrome

D. Vitamin B12 deficiency

The answer is D. See subsection “Differential Diagnosis” of this chapter.


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