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Which legislative policy resulted in women having access to family planning services?

A. Title X

B. Medicaid coverage of pregnant women

C. Equal Rights Amendment

D. Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993

A. Title X of the Public Health Service is a federal program providing family planning services.

B. In 1965, Medicaid provided resources to the poor and in 1984 coverage was expanded to include pregnant women.

C. The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), which was to guarantee equality based on sex, has not been passed because three-fourths of states failed to ratified the amendment.

D. In 1993, the Family and Medical Leave Act was passed, which allows employees to take unpaid leave for personal illness, family member caregiving or newborn child care (birth, adoption, or foster care).

Many changes in society have altered women's roles at home and in the workplace. In 2016, approximately what percentage of mothers whose youngest children were under 3-years-old participated in the workforce?

A. 20%

B. 40%

C. 60%

D. 90%

C. An estimated 61.8% of mothers whose youngest children were under 3 participated in the workforce in 2016.

A. This percent is too low.

B. This percent is too low.

D. This percent is too high.

What health care change has increased the life expectancy of women?

A. Decrease in infections

B. Decreased maternal mortality

C. Increased use of contraception

D. Increase in cigarette use

A. As women's life expectancy has increased, the proportion of the population that lives longer has increased. This change has resulted from decreasing infections and increasing infection treatment. Now the leading cause of death is due to chronic diseases.

B. Maternal mortality is still a problem, especially for women of color

C. Increased use of contraception has not been associated with increased longevity.

D. Increased cigarette smoking has increased cerebrovascular and cancer illnesses.

A pregnant patient is experiencing preeclampsia and her obstetrician recommends she be on bed rest until the baby is born. Which United States court case, regulation, or act ...

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