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What are the risk factors for developing endometrial cancer?

A. Obesity

B. Progesterone use


D. Smoking

A. Obesity is the correct answer because of the increase estrogen exposure due to peripheral conversion of estrone to estradiol.

B. Progesterone use is actually protective of uterine lining.

C. HPV is not associated with development of endometrial cancer.

D. has not been closely associated with development with endometrial cancer.

What is included in the screening recommendations for endometrial cancer?

A. HPV testing

B. PAP Smear

C. Annual pelvic exam

D. Transvaginal ultrasound

C. While there is no standard screening recommendations annual pelvic exam would be most beneficial in early detection of endometrial cancer.

A. HPV testing and B. PAP smear are beneficial for screening for cervical cancer not endometrial cancer.

D. The use of transvaginal ultrasound is not used for routine screening tool for any of the gynecologic malignancies rather it is used as a diagnostic tool.

Which of following would be included in the primary treatment of stage III endometrial cancer?

A. Surgery alone

B. Surgery + radiation

C. Surgery + chemotherapy

D. Surgery + chemotherapy + radiation

D. Surgery, chemotherapy + radiation would be standard treatment for advanced endometrial cancer that has demonstrate significant improvement on progression free and overall survival.

A. Surgery alone is primary treatment for stage I.

B. Surgery + radiation for early stage II endometrial cancer.

C. Surgery palliative intent for improvement of symptoms + chemotherapy would perhaps be used in those patients that had stage IV endometrial cancer.

Based on the KEYNOTE study which of the following would be indicated for treatment of MSI-High endometrial cancer?

A. Bevacizumab

B. Prembrolizumab

C. Rituximab

D. Trastuzumab

B. Pembrolizumab would be correct based on the KEYNOTE study that demonstrated MSI-high endometrial cancer was more likely to respond to PDL-1 inhibitor ...

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