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For my efforts in writing this book, I am indebted to my teachers who inspired me to realize the relevance of research methodology in clinical practice. I thank my students for their inquisitiveness, which made me look again at how different concepts in research methodology are taught, from the student’s point of view, and realize the challenges students actually face in learning this subject. This helped in my attempt to make this book more user-friendly. I am grateful to the patients, the backbone of any clinical research, who help investigators to practically apply their theories and tests to determine statistical significance and prove their point of view.

My thanks to the entire team at McGraw Hill Education, who worked efficiently through the various steps of publishing to bring the typed pages of the manuscript into the present shape of this book. Their continuous support made my difficult job as an author an enjoyable learning experience in putting into print what I wanted to say. My special thanks to Michael Weitz, editorial director and associate publisher, and Christie Naglieri, senior project development editor at McGraw Hill Education for their personal attention and thoroughly professional support during the entire process of publishing, responding promptly and patiently to my many queries. I also thank Richard Ruzycka, production manager at McGraw Hill, and Touseen Qadri, project manager at MPS for their help. Sivamay Bhattacharya at McGraw Hill Education deserves a special note of thanks and appreciation for his initiation and efforts in helping me carry forward this project toward its fruitful completion. Finally, I thank my daughters, Roshnee and Raginee, for their encouragement and constant support in this endeavor.

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