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Chapter 48. Gout

Which of the following is/are appropriate therapies for an acute gout attack? Select all that apply.

a. Probenecid

b. Colchicine

c. Sulindac

d. Febuxostat

Answer b is correct. Colchicine may be utilized for acute gout flares.

Answer c is correct. Sulindac (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug [NSAID]) may be utilized for acute gout flares.

Answers a is incorrect. Probenecid should be reserved for chronic treatment of gout.

Answer d is incorrect. Febuxostat should be reserved for chronic treatment of gout.

JJ is a patient who is receiving medication therapy management services from your pharmacy. Since he has a past medical history of gout, which of the following foods should you counsel him to avoid eating as it contains a high purine content?

a. Liver

b. Apple

c. Popcorn

d. Potatoes

Answer a is correct. Red meats, particularly organ meats, have high purine content and should be avoided in patients with gout.

Answers b, c, and d are incorrect. These foods have low purine content.

Which of the following is consistent with the typical clinical presentation of gout? Select all that apply.

a. Commonly affects the great toe

b. Bilateral joint involvement

c. Rapid onset of symptoms

d. Self-limiting pain and erythema

Answers a, c, and d are correct. Patients with gout frequently present with rapid onset of self-limiting pain and erythema, commonly involving the great toe.

Answer b is incorrect. Gout is typically a monoarthritis and is usually not characterized by bilateral joint involvement.

A 76-year-old woman with a 10-year history of gout presents to the clinic with painful monosodium uric (MSU) crystal deposits in her hand. Which of the following terms most accurately describes this complication of gout?

a. Atheromas

b. Podagra

c. Tophi

d. Uric acid nephrolithiasis

Answer c is correct. Tophi are painful MSU crystals which deposit in the skin and can cause tissue damage. These complications often occur in patients with ...

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