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This card is designed to give SPIs instructions about how to set up role-play and debrief students. Following this process ensures a standardized process between learning groups and SPIs.

Setup Process

  1. Ask the student-pharmacist role-playing as the pharmacist:

    1. “What MI principle or skill do you want to be intentional about demonstrating?” Look at the MI Content Card for your three goal options.

  2. Once the student-pharmacist states her/his role-play goal, say, “Think about what that might sound like using your own words and understanding. I will take any questions you think of in just a moment.”

  3. While the student is deciding on her/his goal, give the observers something to pay attention to during the role-play. Encourage observers to refer to their MI Content Card to facilitate observation and to write down specific behavior during the role-play that exemplifies their observation assignment.

    1. Observer 1 will observe for expression of empathy.

    2. Observer 2 will observe for how argument was avoided.

    3. Observer 3 will observe for supporting self-efficacy.

  4. Before starting the role-play, address the last questions from the student-pharmacist role-playing the pharmacist.

Transitioning to debrief…

After the student has demonstrated her/his goal and at least one other MI principle and/or skill, call time-out. Immediately after calling the time-out, the faculty will follow the debrief process.

Debrief Process

  1. Ask the student-pharmacist who role-played as the pharmacist:

    1. ”What are you feeling right now?”

  2. Ask Observer 1:

    1. ”What expressions of empathy did you observe?”

  3. Ask Observer 2:

    1. ”How was argument avoided?”

  4. Ask Observer 3:

    1. ”How was the patient’s self-efficacy supported?”

  5. Ask all observers to talk about what behaviors contributed to building rapport.

  6. Ask the student-pharmacist who role-played as the pharmacist:

    1. “If you could do things over again, what would you do differently?”

    2. “Describe how you demonstrated the MI skill.”

    3. “What is one behavior you demonstrated in the role-play that will be useful in your practice as a pharmacist?”

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