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It is important that each member of the student group contributes to the success of the group and therefore there will be two peer evaluations, a midpoint and a final evaluation. The purposes of the peer evaluation process are to:

  1. Provide important feedback and insight into the one receiving the evaluation regarding their interpersonal and team interaction skills. Group members are typically the only ones who have enough information to accurately assess one another’s contributions to the group.

  2. Develop the skills of the evaluator in providing instructive feedback.

  3. Promote the learning power of the whole group as each group member becomes more aware of behaviors that contribute to and detract from positive team performance.

It is a requirement that each student provide meaningful and constructive feedback to all group members for both the midpoint and final evaluation. To accomplish this, each student will be required to rate each peer member on 12 characteristics and provide meaningful written constructive feedback. Note that the constructive feedback will be reported to students anonymously but will be released as written. Be constructive, yet respectful, in an effort to help each student continue to grow in her/his professional development.

The midpoint peer evaluation will not count toward a grade but serves to let individuals know how their performance is being viewed by group members. Every student should submit a separate midpoint peer evaluation for all group members by the start of class on <date set by instructor>.

The final peer evaluation will count toward your grade with each student receiving an average of all submitted responses with a maximum of 50 points. Every student should submit a separate final peer evaluation for all group members by the start of class on <date set by instructor>.

The rubric utilized for peer assessment is as follows and is based off the work done by Hammer et al.:

  • Please rate your peers on the following items using the rating system described below. A rating of 3 should serve as the starting point. If you feel that he/she is satisfactory, “average,” or met minimum requirements for a particular item, rate the student a “3” for that item. If your peer demonstrates above average or excellent performance for a particular item, rate the student a “4” or “5,” respectively. Conversely, if you think your peer performs below average or unsatisfactorily on a particular item, rate the student a “2” or a “1,” respectively. Base your ratings on your impressions of the peer’s behavior for the group work in Intro to Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Skills Lab I only.

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Peer demonstrates excellent skills in this area; is extremely effective and/or very consistent.

(He/she could serve as a model.)

Peer demonstrates very good skills in this area; ...

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