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Use the knowledge of one’s own role and the roles of other professions to appropriately assess and address the health care needs of patients and to promote and advance the health of populations. (Roles/Responsibilities)

  • (RR1) After completing this exercise, do you feel that you can better communicate YOUR roles and responsibilities as part of a health care team to other health care professionals? Did you find it difficult to explain your role today? If so, what made it difficult?

  • (RR4) After completing this exercise, do you feel that you can better explain the roles and responsibilities of OTHER providers and how the team works together to provide care? What did you find out today about another discipline that you did not know before? What surprised you? Did you have any misconceptions about another discipline before talking to members of that discipline? If so, what were they and how has your view changed?

  • (RR10) What future collaborations do you see with other health professionals that you met with today? Which professions do you think you will interact with the most? How can these interactions lead to better care for the patient?

  • (RR2) What limitations in skills, knowledge, and abilities might your discipline have that are complemented by another discipline?

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