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It is important for students of all health professional disciplines to understand the roles and responsibilities of those that they will be working with during their training and when practicing upon graduation. Communication is a key component and students need to be able to clearly describe their role in the health care team and ask pertinent questions to understand the roles and responsibilities of the other disciplines.

Learning Objectives
  1. Describe your role on the health care team and the training required.

  2. Develop probing questions to determine the role of a variety of health disciplines on the care team.

Foundational Knowledge Required

Knowledge of individual health professions, communication skills

Suggested Resources

Assignment Instructions

This role description and question development practice activity is designed for students to put together talking points about their own discipline and develop questions they will be asking the other health discipline students during the in-person session. Using the suggested resources, students should be able to describe their discipline and develop interview questions.

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