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PML—Alphabetical Guide: Effective October 1, 2011

You can make the most of your pharmacy benefit plan and control your prescription medication costs by using this Preferred Medication List. Be sure to share this list with your doctor to select cost-effective medications that are clinically appropriate to treat your condition or maintain your health.

This Preferred Medication List (PML) was developed by Catalyst Rx, your plan sponsor’s pharmacy benefit manager, under the direction of a committee of doctors and pharmacists. All medications on this list are preferred by your plan.

Understanding Your Tiered Copays

Your pharmacy benefit plan has three tiers of medications that determine your costs (copays):

1st tier: Generics. Generics contain the same active ingredient as their brand-name equivalents and offer the same effectiveness and safety. Some generics use a brand name instead of a chemical name. Both have the lowest copay.

2nd tier: Preferred. Medications in this tier have been selected by your pharmacy benefit plan as preferred-brand medications. They have higher copays than generics but are less costly than nonpreferred medications on the third tier.

3rd tier: Nonpreferred. Because a generic version or a second-tier alternative is available, nonpreferred medications have higher copays and are not listed on the PML.

Have your doctor consult this guide for the lowest-cost brand-name and generic medications available for your therapy. The generic and preferred medications here are listed alphabetically. Preferred-brand medications appear in UPPERCASE letters; generic medications appear in lowercase letters or with the first letter Uppercase. Some medications treat more than one condition.

All medications on the PML have been approved by the FDA.

Additional Information

Not all medications are listed in this PML. Medication coverage and copays may vary from plan to plan. For more information specific to your plan, log on and register online at For assistance, please call the Catalyst Rx Member Services Department toll free at 800-207-2568.

Please note: The PML is subject to change without notice.

All oral cancer and immunosuppressant medications; HIV medications; and generic prenatal vitamins are on the PML, if the medication is FDA approved.



A/B Otic


ACCU-CHEK Test Strips and Meters [Active, Advantage, Aviva, Comfort Curve, Compact, Instant]



Acetasol HC










Afeditab CR







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