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Remove any of the following before garbing:[2]

 • Outer garments (eg, coats, hats, jackets, scarves, sweatshirts)

 • Chewing gum


Don hair cover, beard cover (if necessary), and face mask (in any order).


Don shoe covers (while crossing the line of demarcation).


Cleanse hands according to the following instructions:

 • Wash hands and forearms to elbows with soap and water thoroughly.

 • Dry hands thoroughly with a disposable towel.


Don a nonshedding gown with sleeves that fits snugly around the wrists.

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Cleanse hands with waterless, alcohol-based sanitizer and allow to dry.


Don properly fitting, powder-free gloves (without contamination).


Frequently disinfect gloves with sterile 70% IPA, and allow to dry.

Frequently inspect gloves, and replace if torn, punctured, or visibly soiled.

NOTE: [1] These garb-donning procedures are adapted from USP <797> guidelines, but are neither wholly inclusive nor reflective of those standards. This document presents the garbing and gloving expectations for students participating in learning simulations designed and completed within the IPCaL 3 course, and should NOT be considered complete or appropriate in any true practice setting.

[2] Personnel requiring such garments for religious reasons, or unable to remove piercings or artificial nails should notify supervisor prior to any sterile compounding.

* Created by and used with permission from The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy Integrated Patient Care Laboratory (IPCaL).

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