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Chest Pain: Cardiac in Origin


  • Name: George Case

  • Age: 80 years old

  • Race: Caucasian

Chief Complaint

“I’d like to ask for your recommendation for something for my chest pain.”

History of Present Illness: Students should ask the following questions

  1. “What brought on the pain?”

    • It started a few days ago and happens off and on whenever I walk upstairs quickly or when I walk up the hill in the park.

    • It got really bad as I was walking past the drug store today, so I decided to stop in and see if you can give me something for it.

  2. “What makes it worse?”

    • Activity like walking fast, up stairs, or up hills.

  3. “What makes it better?” (for example: rest, medications)

    • It goes away if I stop to rest; it usually takes about 15 minutes to go away.

    • I’ve been taking Tylenol 2 tablets four times daily for the past 2 days but it doesn’t help at all.

  4. “Describe the pain (for example: sharp/dull, burning/aching, constant/intermittent).”

    • It feels like someone is sitting on my chest.

  5. “Where is the pain located?”

    • In this area of my chest. (Point to central chest area with palm diffusely, not a pinpoint area)

  6. “Does it spread out to other body areas?”

    • I can also feel it sometimes in my neck and running down my left arm.

  7. “Do you have pain in other body areas?”

    • Not pain, but I get some shortness of breath along with the chest pain. Sometimes I get sweaty too if I’m outside walking fast.

  8. “How severe is the pain (1–10 scale)?”

    • It’s pretty bad; I would say 8 out of 10.

  9. “Does it occur or get worse at certain times of day?”

    • No, just when I’m doing vigorous activity, as I said before.

  10. “How long have you had the pain?”

    • It started on and off the day before yesterday.

Optional questions students may ask; however, not necessary since it is a medical emergency and patient is uncomfortable and should rest

Past Medical History

  • Seasonal allergies

  • Gout

  • Prostate issues (BPH)

Past Surgical History

  • None

Family History

  • Father died at age 57 from heart attack

  • Mother died at age 67 from diabetes

  • Brother 56 alive with diabetes, kidney disease, and high blood pressure

  • Sister died at age 60 from breast cancer

  • I have two sons who are alive

Social History

  • Occupation: Retired from working in a factory

  • Marital Status: Married

  • Children: 2

  • Alcohol: None

  • Tobacco: None

  • Recreational Drug Use: None

  • Caffeine Use: One cup of coffee every morning

Medication History (NOTE: just give drug name unless students ask for strength and frequency)


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