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TOPIC OF PRESENTATION_____________________________________________

Group #_______________________________

Student Names____________________________________________________




Score (Written Summary):_____________________


Score (Oral Presentation):____________________


Score (Overall):_________________________


Evaluator Name:________________________________________

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The purpose of this project is to allow students to develop their skills in literature retrieval, evaluation, and presentation delivery while working in a team setting.

*Rubric was created by Dr. Timothy Gladwell.

Learning Objectives

  1. Search the appropriate literature sources for information on a particular controversial therapeutic topic.

  2. Evaluate the arguments that support both sides of the specified topic.

  3. Develop a written summary that supports one side of the argument using a given template.

  4. Deliver a concise, informative presentation of this information at a level appropriate to the audience.


Students will be assessed as a group on their abilities to accomplish the above objectives related to their particular topic assignment. Grading will be based on the specific indicators and criteria listed in the following rubric. Scoring for each section is based on the following:

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Performance Level Performance Criteria Score
  • None/one of the specified elements was achieved

  • Overall quality is poor

Needs Improvement
  • Two of the specified elements were achieved

  • Overall quality is below expectations

  • Three of the specified elements were achieved

  • Overall quality is average

  • Four/five (but not all) of the specified elements were achieved

  • Overall quality is above average

  • All of the specified elements were achieved

  • Overall quality is excellent


Scores for each section will be added together to give an overall score for the assignment. Each presentation will constitute 10% of the overall grade in this course. Each group will be required to develop two presentations during the course, so the overall contribution to the student’s grade will be 20% (ie, 2 presentations × 10% each = 20% of the final grade).

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I. Written Summary
Indicator Criteria Score Weight Section Total
  • The opening paragraph clearly articulates the issue and sets the foundation for the remainder of the paper

  • The written summary flowed logically

  • The final paragraph was used to summarize the presented information and reinforce the conclusion

  • References were cited appropriately throughout the written summary

  • The length of the written summary was appropriate (4 pages or less)

1 2 3 4 5

× 3

(Max. 15 pts.)

  • Appropriate primary literature sources were included to support the students’ argument

  • Evaluation of the included studies was thorough and accurate

  • Literature sources were appropriate for a P3 student

  • The arguments were insightful, rational, and logical

  • The written summary examined all relevant aspects of the topic

  • A clear position (pro or ...

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