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The patient should give case information only when prompted by a question by the pharmacist.

Case 1

Patient Script

S: I am having difficulty sleeping.

C: I moved into a new apartment last week and have not been able to sleep well in my new space. It takes me up to an hour to fall asleep. I don’t wake up once I fall asleep or wake earlier than I would like. I am active during the day, I run 3–5 miles most mornings. I drink one cup of coffee with breakfast but avoid caffeine for the rest of the day. I watch TV in bed every evening.

H: I watch TV in bed every evening to help me fall asleep; it doesn’t seem to help. I have tried valerian root in the past, but it did not help much.

O: It started 1 week ago.


A: My apartment building is by a busy road and the traffic noises can be distracting at night.

R: Nothing yet.

M: I like to avoid “drugs” and prefer natural products. I do not take any medications.

A: None that I know of.

C: I do not have any other medical conditions.

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