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The purpose of this activity is to introduce students to SOAP note writing structure and organization by allowing students to evaluate sample SOAP notes using an abridged rubric and discuss what information should be included in each section.

Learning Objectives
  1. Demonstrate an understanding of basic SOAP note structure including the Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan sections.

  2. Apply a rubric to sample SOAP notes.

  3. Identify deficiencies within a given SOAP note.

  4. Compare differences in SOAP note assessment with peers to identify the correct SOAP note structure and content.

Foundational Knowledge Required

Patient interviewing skills, patient assessment, patient presentation skills, Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process, introductory knowledge of SOAP note writing and terminology

Suggested Resources

Assignment Instructions

This activity requires two students to review the Sample Student SOAP Notes—one to grade SOAP version A, one to grade version B—and to compare differences in the assessment of each. Grades will be determined using the Introductory SOAP Note Rubric.

  • Student A: Grade SOAP note A using rubric. Compare and discuss assessment with Student B.

  • Student B: Grade SOAP note B using rubric. Compare and discuss assessment with Student A.

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