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The purpose of this activity is to practice written communication skills by interviewing a patient and documenting a patient-centered, evidence-based assessment and plan. Documentation will use a SOAP note format.

Learning Objectives
  1. Integrate medication therapy knowledge, evidence-based medicine, and patient information to assess for medication-related problems.

  2. Create a patient-centered plan to address medication-related problems.

  3. Demonstrate written communication skills.

Foundational Knowledge Required

Patient interviewing skills, patient assessment, identifying drug-related problems, Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process, pharmacotherapy and disease state guidelines related to assigned disease states, use of drug information resources

Suggested Resources

Assignment Instructions

This activity requires students to work in teams of two students. Students will complete a comprehensive medication review, including the following three components:

  1. Patient case and interview preparation

  2. Patient interview

  3. Documentation

First both students will have 60 minutes to prepare for the patient interview. Students will review the Patient Profile and MTM Intake Form and use any resources (eg, medical or drug databases such as Lexicomp, DynaMed Plus, notes from prior coursework) during this time to prepare for the patient interview. Patient materials to use during this preparation time include the following:

  • MTM Letter—This letter was sent to the patient in advance of today’s appointment. It provides the patient information about what to expect for the initial comprehensive medication review (CMR) appointment.

  • Patient Profile—This contains the patient’s profile from the community pharmacy in which you are a staff pharmacist. This patient profile is from today.

  • MTM Intake Form—This brief medical information form was sent with the MTM letter in advance of today’s appointment. The italicized information was completed by the patient. The patient has brought this form to today’s appointment.

After review of all materials, one student will play the role of a standardized patient (SP), while the other will play the role of the pharmacist. The student playing the SP role should take some time to become comfortable portraying the patient role using the Standardized Patient Guide. The patient interview should be completed in 15 minutes. During this time, students need to gather pertinent information in order to assess the patient’s current medication therapy for medication-related problems. Student pairs can then alternate roles so both students are able to practice their interview skills. After the patient interview, the student team will document a SOAP note. The SOAP Note Rubric provides guidance on the expectations ...

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