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The purpose of this activity is to provide students an opportunity to practice their SOAP note writing in the form of a preclass foundational exercise followed by a group activity graded by an instructor. The lab activity is intended to build upon the concept of SOAP note writing (see Introductory SOAP Student Activity).

Learning Objectives
  1. Apply basic SOAP note structure writing skills to a prelab writing activity.

  2. Apply a rubric to grade peer written SOAP notes based on a simulated patient interview.

  3. Identify deficiencies within a given SOAP note.

  4. Apply SOAP note writing skills to write a complete SOAP note based on a simulated patient interview including Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan sections.

  5. Collaborate with peers to develop an accurate SOAP note.

  6. Create a prioritized list of medication-related problems.

  7. Evaluate current literature and recommendations when creating an Assessment and Plan.

  8. Develop a complete and accurate SOAP note.

Foundational Knowledge Required

Patient interviewing skills, patient assessment, patient presentation skills, Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process, introductory knowledge of SOAP note writing and terminology, knowledge of SOAP note format and structure

Suggested Resource

Assignment Instructions

This activity requires students to complete individual prelab SOAP notes based on a case simulation prior to the lab activity using the Prelab SOAP Note materials.

This lab activity requires students to work in pairs (can alternatively work as individuals) to complete a SOAP note (subjective, objective, assessment, and plan sections) based on a case simulation for faculty grading and feedback. Students, if working in pairs, will receive the same grade for the assignment. Students will be using a recorded simulation (Case Script) and Mock Electronic Health Record (EHR) during the activity.

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