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Please answer the following questions about immunizations in [Your U.S. State].

Suggested resources include:

  1. A patient comes into your pharmacy during flu season, and you find out that he has not received a flu shot this year. When you ask him, he explains that when he received the flu shot 10 years ago, he got the flu a couple days later, so he hasn’t acquired any vaccinations since that time.

    1. How would you educate this patient?

  2. A patient comes into your pharmacy inquiring about the influenza vaccine. She is interested in getting vaccinated because she had the flu last year and does not want to repeat her experience. However, she is concerned because she has an “egg allergy.”

    1. What should you ask the patient to clarify prior to making your recommendation?

    2. How should you educate this patient?

  3. You are working in a community pharmacy, and one of your regular patients asks for your opinion on vaccinations for her son who is almost 2 months old. The mother expresses concerns about her son receiving “too many vaccinations at once” at his 2-month check-up, and she is worried that this will “overload his immune system.”

    1. As a vaccine advocate, how would you educate this patient?

  4. Sandy comes into your community pharmacy and tells you that she celebrated her 65th birthday yesterday. Sandy is interested in getting the pneumococcal vaccine because you had previously told her that she needed one at the age of 65. Her medical conditions include hypertension and hypothyroidism, for which she takes valsartan and levothyroxine.

    1. Which pneumococcal vaccine should she receive today?

    2. Sandy is also interested in getting the “shingles shot” today. Can she get both vaccines on the same day? Which “shingles shot” would you recommend?

  5. Alice is a 17-year-old female who comes into your pharmacy with her mother inquiring about the HPV vaccine. Since you are their trusted pharmacist, her mother would prefer that you administer Alice’s vaccines instead of having to go to the doctor’s office for all 3 HPV shots.

    1. Are you legally permitted to administer the HPV vaccine to Alice today? Why or why not?

    2. As you are discussing the vaccine with Alice, she tells you that she is already sexually active and thus is not sure whether the vaccine will still work. What do you tell her?

    3. Alice’s mother wants to know if she should also have her 22-year-old son, Adam, come to the pharmacy to get the HPV vaccine. She never got him vaccinated, because she always heard that the HPV vaccine protected against cervical cancer, so she did not understand why it was recommended for males. How would you educate her today?

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