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Case name: SAM Smith—Relationship-Centered Communication and Top 200

Patient Name

Sam Smith


Community pharmacy

Reason for visit

You are picking up a prescription for one of three possible medications: hydrochlorothiazide; lisinopril/HCTZ; losartan/HCTZ. Please refer to the specific Medication Counseling Rubric for details on each medication.

You saw your doctor today and were diagnosed with high blood pressure. Your doctor prescribed a new medication for your high blood pressure.

SP Affect

Open and engaged; somewhat worried. You trust your doctor and pharmacist and will accept any of their recommendations, but you are surprised by your new diagnosis of high blood pressure, since you think of yourself as a very healthy person.

You are open to learning more about the medication. You are concerned about how some of the side effects that your doctor mentioned could affect your job.

Opening statement

“I’m here to pick up a prescription.”

Follow-up statements

To be asked only if student asks you what else you would like to take care of today:

“I am just really concerned about some of the side effects and want to talk to someone about them.”

If student does not ask prior to the start of the encounter, please make this statement when student asks “What questions do you have for me?”

Case communication issue

Counseling on how to properly use a Top 200 medication (hydrochlorothiazide; lisinopril/HCTZ; losartan/HCTZ) using relationship-centered communication.

Patient history

  • Age: 42 (DOB 12/19/1977) *edit as appropriate for date/year of OSCE

  • Gender: SP’s gender

Note: ideally the SP would have a normal BMI; you may choose to include weight and height information as appropriate for the case and based on the availability of SPs who meet this criteria.

Social history

Born and raised in Albuquerque *edit as appropriate. You have an Associate’s degree in Business Administration. You work as a front-desk clerk at the Albuquerque *edit as appropriate Eastside Animal Shelter. You love animals. Prior to this job, you worked as a cashier at a grocery store. You quit because it was very stressful. You enjoy your new job and the satisfaction you get from helping animals.

You are single with no children, and enjoy spending time going on hikes and playing with your dog Bailey, a yellow lab.




You like visiting the local breweries a few times a ...

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