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The “patient” should use this key to guide the practice encounter. Review the background information to get into character as the patient, then evaluate the “pharmacist” using the Medication Counseling Rubric and Communication Rubric.

Patient background information

Patient Name

Jordan Rodriguez, DOB 5/4/48


Community pharmacy

Reason for visit

You are picking up a prescription for a new medication today. Although your provider discussed it with you during your appointment today, you had a lot on your mind during the office visit and don’t remember everything that was discussed; you would like to go over the medication again with the pharmacist.

You were diagnosed with “a-fib” a few months ago. Your provider has been encouraging you to start anticoagulation, but you are worried because of the “ads on TV talking about bleeds and people getting hurt and dying.” However, after a long discussion with your prescriber today, you agreed to start Xarelto; this is the medication you are picking up today. Although you are worried, you trust your provider and your pharmacist and are willing to take this medication, but you want to get all the information about it that you can.

To be asked only if the “pharmacist” asks you what else you would like to take care of today

“I would really like to know what, specifically, to be on the lookout for if I do have a bleed. I am really worried about that.” (If the pharmacist addresses this before you are asked, rephrase to “Can you go over again what, specifically, to be on the lookout for if I do have a bleed? I am really worried about that.”)

Current medications

  • Rivaroxaban (Xarelto) 20 mg by mouth once daily

  • Metoprolol tartrate (Lopressor) 50 mg by mouth twice daily



Other medical conditions

None; other than the atrial fibrillation, you consider yourself to be a very healthy person for your age.

You may improvise additional information about “Jordan” as needed for this practice case. Have fun, but keep it professional.

Give the “pharmacist” the following information about your prescription, then begin the practice encounter

Rivaroxaban 20 mg by mouth once daily, #30 with 11 refills

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SS2 Clinician-Directed History-Building Skills and

SS3 Educate, Counsel, and Plan

Dialogue Content Not Done (ND) or Needs Improvement Meets

Verifies correct patient name with name on Rx label

□ ND/used only first or last name

□ Used both first and last name

Asks for a second identifier to establish correct ...

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