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The purpose of this activity is to allow students to practice verbal communication in the institutional setting with patients being discharged from a hospital with multiple medication changes and home monitoring.

Learning Objectives
  1. Adapt basic patient communication skills to the institutional setting.

  2. Verbally communicate discharge medication plan and home monitoring.

  3. Utilize the teach-back method to verify patient’s understanding of medication changes.

  4. Apply communication skills to meet needs of a challenging patient encounter.

  5. Reflect on feedback and experience to improve future patient encounters.

Foundational Knowledge Required

Patient counseling skills, Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process, basic understanding of institutional/hospital pharmacy practice

Suggested Resources
  • Sherman JJ. Counseling and motivational interviewing. In: Ellis AW, Sherman JJ, eds. Community and Clinical Pharmacy Services: A Step-by-Step Approach. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill; 2013:chap 3.

  • Cipolle RJ, Strand LM, Morley PC. Acquiring and applying the knowledge and clinical skills required to manage drug therapy. In: Cipolle RJ, Strand LM, Morley PC, eds. Pharmaceutical Care Practice: The Patient-Centered Approach to Medication Management Services. 3rd ed. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill; 2012:chap 10.

Assignment Instructions

This activity requires two students. One student will play the role of a student-pharmacist and the other student will play the role of the patient. After reviewing the Counseling Pointers, the student playing the role of the student-pharmacist will counsel the patient on his/her medication changes after hospital discharge. Students can self-evaluate their performance using the General Communication Rubric.


Review the patient’s discharge summary (Student Activity Discharge Summary) and prepare to counsel the patient on medication changes going home.


Utilize the Facilitator Guide and Student Activity Discharge Summary provided to prepare to play the role of the patient described in the discharge summary.

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