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After all students have counseled, the instructor will facilitate a debriefing with the students. Each simulated or volunteer patient will have the opportunity to provide the students with feedback on their performance. In 5–10 minutes each, describe what the students did well and areas they can improve on overall. Consider the following questions when formulating your feedback:

  1. Did the students treat you with respect?

  2. Did the students actively listen to your concerns?

  3. Did you feel the students understood the impact your cultural background had on taking the medication properly as prescribed, and did they adequately address this?

  4. Did the students clearly and accurately educate you on how to take the medication?

  5. Were all your questions heard and answered?

  6. What other variations of this situation may students encounter in the future?

  7. What additional considerations should students consider or ask about?

With the remaining time, please provide additional insight on your specific background. Consider the following ideas or questions when providing insight to students during discussion:

  • Explain your nationality and/or cultural identity.

  • Describe social “norms” or family traditions centered around your culture such as the following:

    • General health/wellness practices

    • Family roles/responsibilities/expectations

    • Specific beliefs

    • Acceptable or nonacceptable behaviors

    • Types of food

    • Traditions

    • Typical living environment

  • Have you experienced any incorrect assumptions made about you or your culture?

  • What do you wish everyone knew about you or your culture?

  • How have you been influenced (intentionally or not) to change cultural aspects of yourself, and/or how have you prevented changing aspects of your cultural identity?

  • What cultural differences have you experienced or learned about that surprised you (or if you are not originally from the United States, what social “norms” did you find odd upon moving here)?

  • What is the key take-away you want the students to leave with today?

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