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This worksheet is designed as a companion to the Strengthening Teams through Conflict Management and Strengths-Based Leadership series to equip you with self-knowledge that will help you thrive in the challenges that lie ahead.

Part 1: Prelecture Session A Homework

Please complete this portion of the worksheet individually prior to Lecture Session A on <date set by instructor>.

1. List your five strengths and reflect on them in action

List the five strengths identified in your Strengths-Based Leadership assessment. Consider them one at a time. Review the section in the Strengths-Based Leadership book that describes that strength. Reflect on your journey prior to being accepted into pharmacy school—academically, professionally, and personally. Write down how you have seen each strength in action in your own life.

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Strength Action











Part 2: Prelaboratory Session B Homework

Please complete this portion of the worksheet individually prior to Laboratory Session B on <date set by instructor>.

2. Recognize where you thrive

Recognizing where we thrive at work is one step in the journey to loving what we do at work every day. Business literature refers to work we do well without even thinking about it as a “native genius.” Liz Weisman in her book Multipliers defines “a native genius is something that people do, not only exceptionally well, but absolutely naturally. They do it easily (without extra effort) and freely (without condition).”

Intelligence is far too complex to be measured by any IQ or leadership test. We are all geniuses in our unique and particular ways. Think about what you are good at. This is surprisingly hard. Often the things we are good at are second nature and escape our notice.

Spend a bit of time reflecting on what you are good at and what you like to do at work. What do you really like to do while you are at work? What would you do if no one paid you? Take a walk and think about what is most important to you. Consider why you want to become a pharmacist.

Identify and describe 2–3 native geniuses.

3. Recognize your workplace needs

Strengths-based leadership is based on qualitative research amongst employees in various business settings. Answer the questions the authors used in their research to identify common workplace needs:

a. What leader has had the most positive influence in your daily life?


b. List three words that best describe what this person contributes to your life.


Part 3: ...

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