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This worksheet is designed as a companion to the Strengthening Teams through Conflict Management and Strengths-Based Leadership series to equip you with self-knowledge that will help you thrive in the challenges that lie ahead.


  • 10 minutes: As a student group, determine how you will act out your conflict narrative that was developed during last session. You should assign roles to each person in your student group with three people playing the role of characters in your scenario and 1–2 people playing the role of the conflict management consultant team member(s). Your role-play should include:

    • A synopsis of the scenario that was given

    • A dialogue between the team members, which includes

      • Both the differentiation and resolution phase of the conflict process

      • The voice of each team member considering their strengths, workplace needs, and role of each member

    • A specific plausible resolution to your team’s conflict

  • 10 minutes: ODD-numbered student group will act out the Community Pharmacy Team narrative for the corresponding EVEN-numbered student group at their table.

  • 10 minutes: EVEN-numbered student group will act out the Hospital Pharmacy Team narrative for the corresponding ODD-numbered student group at their table.

  • At the conclusion of the role-plays, a facilitator will lead these two student groups in a discussion of conflict management techniques and potential solutions to the case studies. During this discussion, the facilitator will involve both student groups in the conversation to seek opinions and have students talk through the conflict resolution process.

ODD-NUMBERED STUDENT GROUPS—Community Pharmacy Team Study

High Point Community Pharmacy (HPCP) is a busy independent pharmacy in central North Carolina. The store was opened by Jose 12 years ago and it has been a profitable independent ever since. Jose is a pharmacist driven to serve the people of the community and has built the business around providing exceptional customer service. He considers the store his family and works tirelessly to assure that every patient has what they need at a price that they can afford. He is meticulous in his follow through and his careful financial planning has enabled the store to meet its financial targets while keeping costs to their customers reasonably low. Julia is a pharmacist who joined the HPCP team 3 years ago. She is a Certified Diabetes Educator and is passionate about providing patients the health education that they need to thrive even with chronic diseases. Julia teaches diabetes courses at the store and is often found in the store aisles educating patients about OTC medications or other DME or medical devices like blood glucose monitors. Julia is well known in the community as a tireless advocate for HPCP and has never met a stranger. The team attributes her work on the team to the increasingly busy volume in the store. Rocky is the lead certified pharmacy technician who has worked with Jose almost the entire time the store has ...

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