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  1. Needle in trash can

  2. Board and patient information states NPO and there are crackers and a menu next to the patient 

  3. Can of Mountain Dew on bedside table—patient is diabetic

  4. All or most of the bedrails lowered with bed positioned high (fall risk out of bed)

  5. IV bag with fluids hanging with the wrong patient name on it

  6. Patient has a cephalosporin allergy and cefazolin is hanging in the room

  7. IV medication is running onto the floor

  8. Laptop with electronic medical record open to another patient’s data

  9. Expired medication in room

  10. Medication administration cup sitting beside bedside with no label and multiple pills

  11. Latex gloves in the room

  12. Rubber on the bottom of walker is missing

  13. Insulin drip running at a very fast rate and faster than what is ordered on the bag

  14. Uncapped needle on bedside table

  15. Wheelchair with armrest missing

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