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Following the simulation activity, students return to the classroom with their groups. The following questions can be used to stimulate discussion.

Roles and Responsibilities, Teams and Teamwork

What specific mistakes did you immediately identify?

  • Do you feel you identified these mistakes more easily than others because of your profession/background? What other professions also identified these mistakes?

  • Which mistakes were most critical (ie, likelihood to result in a catastrophic outcome)? Do all the professions agree on which are most critical? Why or why not?

Pick three mistakes. Discuss each in turn:

  • What personal factors could have contributed to the mistake?

  • What environmental factors could have contributed to the mistake?

  • What can the patient and/or family do to support a safe care environment?

  • What can/should be done to rectify the mistake in Mr. Pappas’s room today?

  • What can/should be done to avoid similar mistakes for other/future patients in the unit?

  • Which professions should be involved in efforts to reduce such mistakes in the future?

Values and Ethics

  • What barriers exist for clinicians to bring forward concerns about mistakes?

  • What can be done to overcome these barriers, and foster a work environment that embraces safety and quality?

Teams and Teamwork

  • How should mistakes be communicated to the health care team?

  • How and when should mistakes be communicated to the patient/family?

  • What strategies should be used to provide feedback to individuals and teams regarding mistakes?

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