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Mr. Nicholas Pappas is a 67-year-old man admitted to the hospital with increased confusion and lethargy. He has a past medical history of diabetes and kidney disease, and also presents with hyperkalemia (increased potassium concentration in the blood). He was also diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and is receiving an IV antibiotic. He is currently NPO (nothing by mouth).

Other pertinent medical findings include:

  • Allergy to the cephalosporin cefazolin—has caused hives, rash, and itching in the past

  • Allergy to latex

  • Diabetic neuropathy with pain and numbness in his feet

  • Diabetic retinopathy with reduced vision

  • Dry mouth secondary to diabetes

  • Hearing loss—wears a hearing aid

You will have 8 minutes to walk through his hospital room and individually find any medical errors and hospital room hazards, which you will document on the index card provided to you. Following your rotation through the hospital room, you will return to your classroom.

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