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  1. The technique of determining if a patient’s abdomen is concave or scaphoid would be:

    1. Inspection

    2. Palpation

    3. Percussion

    4. Auscultation

  2. All of the following breath sounds could indicate signs of infection EXCEPT:

    1. Resonance

    2. Rhonchi

    3. Rales

    4. Wheezes

  3. One of your regular patients comes into your pharmacy complaining of nausea, vomiting, and anorexia. You notice that he is clutching the area of his body containing his appendix and advise him to go to the emergency department. What area of his body was he guarding due to pain?

    1. Left upper quadrant

    2. Right upper quadrant

    3. Left lower quadrant

    4. Right lower quadrant

  4. Which of the following would be considered a normal frequency for bowel sounds?

    1. 1 sound per minute

    2. 10 sounds per minute

    3. 35 sounds per minute

    4. 80 sounds per minute

  5. Where do you place your hands in order to palpate the patient during a lung exam?

    1. Under the rib cage

    2. Across the sternum

    3. Mid back area

    4. Lower back area

  6. What is considered the fifth vital sign?

    1. Respiratory rate

    2. Blood pressure

    3. Pain

    4. Temperature

  7. The first sound heard when auscultating blood pressure is:

    1. Pulse

    2. Systolic blood pressure

    3. Diastolic blood pressure

    4. Stridor

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